Is there a State Park in Bouse’s future

We are excited to announce that some very good news for the town of Bouse is in the works. We have to thank Norm Simpson for starting the ball rolling and Vonnie Harmon for her assistance.

Early this summer, Norm Simpson had a meeting with some people who were still in town. These included representatives from the Ghost Riders, The Chamber of Commerce, the Bouse Booster Club, George Nault, John Bennett and several other people who were in town at the time.

Norm Simpson has wanted to do something with the Historic Cotton Gin property for some time. He wanted some ideas and maybe some help from the town to accomplish something for the town of Bouse. At that time, Norm suggested that a possible OHV loading area could be put on a corner of the property. This would bring more people into the town and help the town’s economy as well as bring customers in for his Historic Cotton Gin enterprise. If he did that, he would want help from the Ghost Riders and other people in town.

We all know the town of Bouse is long on volunteers and short on money so several people got together to see how this could happen. Ron Riffe had the idea to contact Arizona State Parks and Trails to try to get a grant to fund this 0HV Staging Area project.

Ron Riffe, John Newman and John Bennett visited the Arizona State Parks and Trails office to try to see what it would take to get a grant. After discussing the project, the Bouse Booster Club, Ghost Riders, and the Bouse Chamber of commerce decided to go for a grant. The Grant process closed on August 30th so we had to work fast.

We contacted many people who were in town and had a public meeting to discuss the idea of a Staging Area on the Historic Cotton Gin Property. We realize that some of the people on summer hiatus were not contacted due to the fast pace we were in to get the Grant in on time. For that we apologized but we promised another public meeting later.

During the time that we were formulating our Grant, State Parks and Trails was discussing a plan of its own. They thought they might acquire the property from Norm Simpson and build an OHV Staging Area and State OHV Park with camping sites and services.

The process is not complete yet but there was a meeting with the OHVAG board on September 22 where they approved a grant for Arizona State Parks and Trails to establish an OHV Staging Area and OHV Park.

There are still two more approvals before this project can go through. We should have a final answer in late November. There will be another public meeting, this time with Arizona State Parks and Trails, before the start of the project. No Date has been set for the public meeting at this time. If you are headed this way for your seasonal stay, we hope you can attend the meeting.

The Ghost Riders, the Chamber of Commerce and the Bouse Booster Club will be involved in some of the construction as volunteer work. Any and all help will be appreciated from individuals and other clubs and organizations.

Many Thanks to Norm Simpson, the Ghost Riders, the Bouse Booster Club, the Chamber of Commerce and all the people involved who started this project.